San Diego Semantic Web Meetup


Semantic Web in San Diego

Meet local people interested in the Semantic Web, an initiative by the W3C [] to make the web "one giant database": The Data Web. We address technologies such as RDF, RDFS, OWL and applications that help to develop or that use ontologies, controlled vocabularies and rules systems in the enterprise and on the World Wide Web.

The existence of a semantic web meet-up group in San Diego will hopefully stimulate information exchange, and the growth of this technology in San Diego, enabling like minded individuals and/or businesses to utilize & leverage the power of this technology.

The group is for any individual interested in learning more about this technology and sharing and facilitating its growth and usage.  In addition, the group includes all interests in web 3.0, mobile semantics, artificial intelligence and other innovative technical phenomena.

We are currently seeking endorsements from like minded groups or organizations with similar goals and interests.

Concurrent goals are closer alignment and interaction between academia, enterprise and industry as a whole which are essential to boost the San Diego socioeconomic growth and awareness in the field of semantic technologies. Within this context, the group strives to promote market driven alignment of global technologies in this area, fostering innovation and accelerating adoption of Semantic Technologies within San Diego to promote economic and technological stimulus.

organizer:  Barbara Starr

contact info:


twitter :@barbaraStarr